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  • J.B. Owens Pottery


    The primary purpose of this website is to provide an outlet on information about the pottery and tile companies owned and operated by J.B. Owens in the 1880s to 1930s both in Ohio and elsewhere. This website includes an updated but very brief history of the various operations, list of the products made by Owens and select pictures of the identified patterns/pottery lines.

    Information presented here has been compiled from multiple sources that included the extended Owens Family, Paul Evans, Blain Andrus, Frank Hahn, Marvin Stofft, James Murphy, and others. Other information sources used included period pottery/tile trade journals, original advertisements/Owens Catalogs, and period photographs.

    Although there is lots of inaccurate and conflicting data out there, I am doing my best to be accurate. However, I can make NO guarantees. I welcome all input and this site will evolve through time as new information is incorporated into it.