Buy / Sell Pieces


 I am constantly looking for:

1) Unpublished reference materials on J.B. Owens and the successor companies,
2) Unusual pieces of Owens Pottery,
3) Pieces that look like they might have been made by Owens but their origin cannot be determined.

I am also looking for Owens shapes made by other companies to determine the fate of the original J.B. Owens pottery molds. For example Brush Pottery purchased the older J.B. Owens Pottery factory. However, the late Mrs. Clare Barnett (daughter of George Brush) indicate only a handful of Owens molds were left in the building when her father purchased the building. Most molds were likely purchased by Owens when he bought the personnel property of the factory in 1909. The fate of the rest is unknown. Given the value of the molds, it is likely they were sold to another company.

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